UGA Research Live: Humanities & Arts

UGA Research Live
Friday, December 9 at 11 AM

“Diversity, collaboration and innovation: Humanities & arts research and practice at UGA”


Usha Rodrigues, interim vice provost for academic affairs and chair, UGA Arts Council

Nicholas Allen, Chaired Professor in Humanities and director, Willson Center for Humanities & Arts

Barbara McCaskill, professor of English and associate academic director, Willson Center for Humanities & Arts

Mark Callahan, artistic director, Ideas for Creative Exploration, Lamar Dodd School of Art

Humanities and arts research, teaching and practice extend across UGA and the communities it serves. The Willson Center is a focus and a hub for this established and emerging work, as well as a catalyst for new ideas and connections. With deep foundations in excellence, our humanities and arts activities are one of our gateways to international partnerships. This conversation will introduce some of UGA’s humanities and arts infrastructure, share recent innovations, introduce plans for the future, and invite a discussion of interdisciplinary opportunities for students, faculty and diverse publics.