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Idea Lab Mini Grants Fall 2021


Organoids is a collaborative research project for prototypes and methods to create organoids, three-dimensional cellular structures which are developed from pluripotent stem cells.

Project participants

Nadja Zeltner, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology faculty
Alexander Bucksch, Plant Biology faculty
Eileen Wallace, Art faculty
Mable Fox, Engineering faculty
Martijn van Wagtendonk, Art faculty

Queer Space: Athens, GA

Queer Space: Athens, GA uncovers a UGA theatre director’s love story, a lesbian linguist’s presence on campus, and guitarist Ricky Wilson’s time in the B-52s to name a few. Tour sites include places on UGA’s campus as well as downtown Athens where the queer community has come together (and butted heads) over time.

Project participants

Caroline Caden, Theatre and Film Studies undergraduate student
Callan Berry, History undergraduate student
John Jardin, UGA English alumnus
Collin Hendley, Theatre and Film Studies undergraduate student
J.W. Chin, NYU alumnus
George Contini, Theatre and Film Studies faculty
Fran Teague, English faculty
Josie Leimbach, Women’s Studies faculty

a2ru 2021 National Conference

2021 a2ru National Conference
Sharing Stories: The Case for Art
November 3 – 5


As an a2ru member institution, UGA will cover registration costs for a limited number of a2ru conference participants.

The Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (a2ru) advances the full range of arts-integrative research, curricula, programs, and creative practice to acknowledge, articulate, and expand the vital role of higher education in our global society.

About the Conference

Over the last twelve months, we have seen a range of sources acknowledge the powerful importance of the arts, particularly in the Covid era. As arts practitioners and leaders, we embrace our role in this unprecedented moment, even as we continue to rethink our disciplines, how our methods have changed during this time, and what the future of the arts might look like.

a2ru will use this year’s online conference to meet this unique moment in a uniquely artful way. We will engage and explore how we can best deploy what we hope has not changed — our passion for the arts, for arts education, and for arts integration — through storytelling, rather than traditional conference presentations.

Pre-Conference Workshop
Tuesday, November 2

Part I: Foundations of Equity

Justice in arts research, practice, and pedagogy must start with close examination of the foundations upon which arts institutions have been built. In part one of a two-part workshop series, we’ll discuss reimagining arts spaces from the ground up; the contingency of justice-oriented practice; and building foundations for liberation in art making, arts research, and arts pedagogy.

Part II: Dismantling Critique

In part two of the two-part workshop, we interrogate how white supremacy and colonialism have shaped our systems for feedback and assessment, and build and share new strategies and tools for feedback and critique that are rooted in accountability, transparency, reciprocity, and justice.

4’33” Research in the Arts Competition

4’33” Research in the Arts Competition
Call for Submissions
Deadline: November 2

The 4’33” Research in the Arts Competition 2021 is open for submissions! The UGA Arts Council invites all UGA student scholars and artists to share their research and compete for a $433 cash prize in this exciting event! The competition has been streamlined this year. The competition will highlight scholarly research about any art form or combination of art forms, including (but not restricted to): visual art, music, theatre, dance, film, literature, media arts, or performance art. This is a great opportunity to share your work, and to practice communicating the goals and significance of your scholarly and artistic activities to a broad audience.

– To participate in the contest, simply submit a 3-minute video of yourself describing your research in the clearest and most compelling way possible. The video should contain no edits, and you’re encouraged to use the computer’s built-in webcam and microphone. Submissions will be judged entirely on the basis of how effectively you convey your intellectual goals and passion orally.

– Upload your video to YouTube or Google Drive and provide links. (Note that YouTube links can be unlisted.)

– You may include up to three images, which you should provide separately from the video presentation and refer to by number (e.g. “as you can see in figure 1”).

– You may include up to 3 supplementary video or audio clips, totaling no more than 30 seconds in all, to illustrate your arguments. The duration of these media clips will count toward the length of your presentation (i.e. if your presentation includes 30 seconds of media, your discussion can be no longer than 2 1/2 minutes long). In your talk, refer to media clips by number (e.g. “as you can see in video clip 1”).

– A panel of 5 judges (faculty, administrators, and students from different disciplines) will select 8 finalists to move up to the final round.

– The 8 finalists will present their 3-minute research summaries in the Georgia Museum of Art on November 16, 7:00 – 8:00 pm, for a panel of three judges and a live audience as part of the Spotlight on the Arts festival. After each 3-minute presentation, the presenter will respond to questions from the judges for 1 minute and 33 seconds (so that the talk and Q&A together total 4 minutes and 33 seconds).

– At the end of the live event, the judges will select the winner, who will receive a $433 prize.

Please email your submissions by November 2, 2021 with the following information:

– Name and major degree area
– Name of faculty advisor
– Your UGA MyID
– The title of your presentation
– A link to your presentation (either YouTube or Google Drive)
– OPTIONAL: a numbered list of up to three images along with links to the images.
– OPTIONAL: a numbered list of up to three media files (video or audio) with links to the cllps.

For a list of FAQs and past winners, see:
For any further questions, please contact David Saltz,

Thank you for your interest, we look forward to your submissions!

Idea Lab Mini Grants Call for Proposals

Idea Lab Mini Grants
Call for Proposals

No longer accepting submissions for Spring 2022. Thank you for your proposals!

Idea Lab Mini Grants support creative interdisciplinary projects. Grant recipients are eligible to receive mentorship, feedback, and up to $500 in project funds. Collaborative teams may include participants from multiple communities and must include at least one student, faculty, or staff member from UGA. Proposals will be reviewed by an interdisciplinary selection committee in order of receipt, pending the availability of funds.

Proposal form:

Proposal requirements:

– brief description of project goals (up to 150 words)

– names and project roles of collaborators

The Idea Lab Mini Grant Program is supported by Ideas for Creative Exploration, an interdisciplinary initiative for advanced research in the arts at UGA. Ideas for Creative Exploration is supported in part by the Willson Center for Humanities and Arts, Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, and the Graduate School.

Welcome Fall 2021

Welcome to a new semester at UGA! If you are new to Ideas for Creative Exploration, please take a few moments to explore the site and learn about some of the current and past projects and events. You may be interested in joining the ICE Announcements listserv, a newsletter with local events and opportunities in the arts.

Please also welcome our new recipients of Graduate Assistantships in Interdisciplinary Arts Research: Meredith Emery (Art) and Erica Parson (Theatre and Film Studies). These exceptional graduate students will develop creative research and collaborative work across disciplines with faculty, students, and community members.

Arts + Community podcast

Ideas for Creative Exploration Conversation Series
Podcast Episode 15: Arts + Community

Subscribe to ICE Conversation Series or download audio below to listen.

Download audio: MP3 (25.2 MB)

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Audio highlights from a public conversation series on the theme of arts and community, edited from conversations that took place during fall 2020 and spring 2021 via remote video conferencing technology. We invited guests from a range of backgrounds to share their ideas about what artists and organizations should know about each other, and about how they can work together to support vibrant communities. This episode includes the voices of Stephanie Raines, Andrew Salinas, Montu Miller, Madeline Blankenship, Alden DiCamillo, Carmon Colangelo, and April Parker.

For more information about the speakers, visit: