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Perfect Pantry

Perfect Pantry (it all starts with a seed)
Tuesday, June 5 from 6 – 9 PM
The Bakery
825 Warner St. SW, Atlanta

Perfect Pantry (it all starts with a seed) is a group exhibition consisting of collages, journals, interactive work, and spoken word by those who face food insecurity in metro Atlanta.

The exhibition Perfect Pantry (it all starts with a seed) is an emotional and interactive look into the lives of those experiencing food insecurity in metro Atlanta. In partnership with the Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communication at the University of Georgia in Athens, the Atlanta Community Food bank and select metro Atlanta food pantries, this project uses small art pieces created by food pantry clients as the platform for food insecure individuals to share their experiences and critiques of food assistance, in the hopes of bringing change to make Atlanta food assistance models more effective.

Organized by Hillary Jourdan with support from the Atlanta Community Food Bank, selected metro Atlanta food pantries, the Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communication, and Ideas for Creative Exploration, an interdisciplinary initiative for advanced research in the arts.

Arts on the River Celebration

Arts on the River Celebration
Sunday, April 29 from Noon – 4 PM
Sandy Creek Park, Lake Chapman Beach

Join us for a community celebration of visual and performance art to honor the North Oconee River and its right to thrive and be healthy. This event is a one-day art exhibition with dance, spoken word, and music unfolding on the river and its banks. Visitors will kayak in the water and experience the art. Registration for kayaks at 1 PM (limited availability). This project is made possible by the support of the Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (a2ru), Ideas for Creative Exploration, Watershed UGA, and the Willson Center for Humanities and Arts at the University of Georgia. Free and family friendly.

Linds&co. Image: Iva Dimitrova

Olivia Shuler Image: Rinne Allen

Kayaking through Sound Image: Rinne Allen

Jorge Gomez Abrante Image: Rinne Allen

Paula Runyon Image: Rinne Allen

Image: Rinne Allen

Berea Antaki and Carla Cao Image: Rinne Allen

Surround (3/3)

Surround: An Immersive Experience
Saturday, March 3 from 7 – 11 PM
Exhibition March 3 – 11
ATHICA, 160 Tracy St.

Surround is a multidisciplinary experience that strives to be a window into the minds of creatives who blur the lines between genre, venue, and medium specificity, who embrace the unknown, collaboration, and confrontation as it manifests sensually. Free and open to the public!

Performance Collaborations

The Clown, with Cooper Holmes and music by Monique Osorio featuring Clare Nunley, Emily Cho, JP Brien-Slack, Michael Jarrel, Miller May, Joshua Presley, Dan Phipps, and Pedro Alliprandini.

Concerto for Beverley with Monique Osorio, Sahada Buckley,Sydney Doemel, JP Brien-Slack, Vivian Cheng, Sean Askin, Andrew Short, Nick Martinez, and costumes by Ajmal Millar.

Dance and Music Performance: Emily Koh and Lisa Yaconelli

Improv Performance: Killick Hinds, Stephanie Pharr, and Rafael Villanueva

Musical Ensembles

Lambda Celsius, with AC Carter

Moth Sweat, with Rafael Villanueva and Ryder Seigle

Richard Gumby, with Scott Crossman and oxtthers

Beverley, featuring Monique Osorio, Sahada Buckley, Gabri Ann Dino, Sydney Doemel, and Courtney McCracken with contributions by Melody Stolpp

Cult of Riggonia, with Jeremy Raj, William Datzler, and others

Queen Alex, with Alex Suarez

Head Plethora, with Monique Osorio, John Norris, AC Carter, Sydney Doemel, Sahada Buckley, Gabri Ann Dino, and Bridget Dooley.


Chris Lott
Polina Yakovleva
Bridget Dooley
Shamala Gallagher
Paul Cunningham


AC Carter
Kira Hynes
Sara Boden
Margaret Anderson
Jeremy Kiran Fernandes
Rafael Villanueva
Logan Shirah
Jeremy Raj
William Danztler
Nicholette Milhoan
Melody Stolpp
Cal Clements

Organized by Monique Osorio
Logo design by Jeremy Kiran Fernandes

Supported in part by Ideas for Creative Exploration (ICE) and Athens Institute for Contemporary Art.

Surround is part of the ATHICA series Beast It! supported in part through the generous support of The James E. and Betty J. Huffer Foundation, the Athens Area Arts Council, and the Georgia Council for the Arts (GCA) through the appropriations of the Georgia General Assembly. GCA also receives support from its partner agency, the National Endowment for the Arts.

2017-2018 Idea Lab Mini Grant Awards

ICE is pleased to announce two new Idea Lab Mini Grant recipients. The projects were selected based on creative merit, extent of collaborative and interdisciplinary activity, and feasibility. Mini Grant awards provide production support from ICE Graduate Research Assistants and project funding.

Georgia Prison Beekeepers
Lead applicant: Cristina Echezarreta (graduate student, Art)

A collaboration of a students, faculty, and staff in Art and Entomology with the Georgia Prison Beekeeping program to explore prisoners’ relationship to nature through the arts.

Perfect Pantry
Lead applicant: Hillary Jourdan (graduate student, Agriculture)

A collaboration of students and faculty in Agriculture and Art with the Atlanta Community Food Bank to develop arts-based approaches to food assistance.

Clark Lunberry: Writing on Water

Clark Lunberry: Writing on Water
November installation at Lake Herrick

Near Boardwalk Trail Bridge
Viewing event: Thursday, November 16 at Noon
Lecture: Friday, November 10 at 2 PM
Lamar Dodd Building Room S160

Interdisciplinary artist Clark Lunberry will talk about creating site-specific poetry installations and introduce a new work for the UGA campus. Lunberry is a Professor of English at the University of North Florida and the author of Sites of Performance: Of Time and Memory (Anthem Press 2014) and Writing on Water | Writing on Air (University of North Florida 2016). His large-scale poems placed on water and windows include recent installations in Oxford, England; Paris, France; Toronto, Canada; Tokyo and Hiroshima, Japan; and Stanford University.

Lunberry will create a temporary installation at Lake Herrick, a prominent feature within Oconee Forest Park, which serves as a living laboratory for research in the natural and social sciences. The new work, viewable near the Boardwalk Trail bridge, coincides with a major restoration project at UGA aimed at promoting water quality and enhancing Lake Herrick as an amenity for experiential learning, research, and recreation. For more about the Lake Herrick Watershed Restoration visit

Supported in part by the Helen S. Lanier Chair of the Department of English and ICE. For more information visit

Lake Herrick, Athens, Georgia [Image: Kiley Aguar]

Call for Participation: North Oconee River Project

Opportunity: North Oconee River Project (deadline 3/31)

The North Oconee River Project is a community-wide call for submissions of original projects that share knowledge, appreciation, experience, or attitudes towards the North Oconee River.

The North Oconee River Project invites the Athens community to submit proposals of artworks that celebrate the inherent rights of nature for inclusion in a site-specific event along the river and associated publication. Artworks should be inspired by nature and humanity’s role within it, with special consideration given to works that demonstrate a knowledge, appreciation, experience, or attitude toward the North Oconee River. We invite submissions from any medium and practice inclusive of music, performance, poetry, visual art, prose and others.

Entries can fall under any discipline, can be presented in any format, and can use any medium. This includes but is not limited to all forms of material and digital art, performances of any kind, musical compositions, dance choreography, theatrical scripts, and fiction or non-fiction literature or films.

In addition, entries may be interdisciplinary in nature and may include information or materials from multiple disciplines and mediums. Entries both from individuals and collaborative teams of two or more people are welcome.
What is the selection process?

This event will take place along the North Oconee River, from Dudley Park to North Avenue at the North Oconee River Park. Performances will take place along the riverbed, and more stationary artworks will be exhibited in the park.

All proposals must be submitted online by March 31. There is no fee for submission. Proposals for funding will be considered on a rolling basis, so the earlier the submission the better.

This project is made possible by the support of the Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (a2ru), Ideas for Creative Exploration (ICE), Watershed UGA, and Willson Center for Humanities and Arts at the University of Georgia.