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Reading Room: Beyond Liveness: The Dramaturgies of Augmented Reality in Live Theatre

“Altering the visual ‘reality’ of theatrical settings by forcing them to accommodate simulated imagery, AR complicates ontological distinctions between real and virtual environments, presenting both with equanimity.”

By Anchuli Felicia King

Reading Room: Arts + Environment Spotlight Zine


A limited-edition zine and program guide for Arts + Environment events during UGA Spotlight on the Arts. Featuring photographs, drawings, collage, and digital art of Rinne Allen, Megan Burchett, Matthew Flores, Annette Griffin, ZacHary Harris, Lindsay Pennington, Lindsey Reynolds, Seth Stephens, and a fold-out poster by Justine Stevens.

Free to anyone and available at Arts + Environment Spotlight events sponsored by ICE and Watershed UGA!

Reading Room: Ecovention Links


Links from Wednesday’s ICE Conversation: Ecovention

Ecovention exhibition catalogue

The Harrison Studio

Buster Simpson

Agnes Denes

Tera Galanti

Brandon Ballengee


Links compiled by Carla Cao, ICE Graduate Research Assistant
Image: Water Glass by Buster Simpson

Reading Room: Four Trends In Understanding Audience

Four Trends In Understanding Audience: Measurement, Streaming and Politics

“Is there a correlation between value and attention in the arts? Data’s in: the plus/minuses of live-streaming… Some ideas from a researcher on measuring aesthetic experience… How might the arts weigh in on politics without being dismissed? Why Are We Measuring Cultural Value In Attention? The currency of value is attention.”

By Douglas McLennan

Reading Room: How Dentsu Lab Tokyo Is Rewriting the Music Video

“Sugano admits that working with musicians is different to commercial briefs but allows the agency to use technology in way that’s important and interesting for the agency overall.’The common aspect to both of these was the sense that they were a joint creation of works that involved collaboration between artist and creators and not just a simple commercial relationship. We at Dentsu Lab Tokyo are a team that researches and develops technologies and expressions through implementing actual production projects. While Björk and Brian Eno are artists with totally different personalities, they are both pursuing the aesthetic fusion of new technologies and expressions,’ he says.”

By Charlotte McEleny


Reading Room: Duchamp’s Spinning Optical Experiments

Duchamp’s Spinning Optical Experiments

“In 1935, Marcel Duchamp set up a booth at the Concours Lépine, a French fair for inventors promoting their latest gadgets that still occurs to this day. In between a stand of instant vegetable choppers and another of trash compactors, the Surrealist debuted a series of objects merging his interests in science and art: his Rotoreliefs, decorated discs made to spin on a turntable as optical entertainment.”

By Claire Voon