ICE Strategic Plan

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Since its inception in 1999, ICE has supported the development of original creative research through ICE project grants, hosted visiting artists and scholars, held workshops and a major symposium, developed a Web site and electronic mailing list, and established a project space. The ICE network includes faculty and students in the arts and sciences, the Honors Program, Faculty of Engineering, UGA alumni, and community members. The ICE advisory committee is comprised of students and faculty from the arts and sciences.

In the next five years ICE will strive for greater national and international prominence. We will continue to support innovative creative research through project grants and a diverse network of participants. ICE will develop curriculum to make interdisciplinary courses in the arts available to undergraduate and graduate students. A major symposium will become a regular component of the ICE program. ICE will focus more resources on the broad dissemination of information about ICE activities through print, video, and the Web.