First artist-in-residence blends sustainability with education

By Kristen Morales

The position at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), which inspired Hegeman’s internship, paired artists with researchers. Here, Kirche said, they took a similar approach but paired Hegeman with staff as a way to do creative problem solving for the issues they deal with daily—specifically, removing and managing waste.”How do we, from an artist’s perspective, come up with creative ways to maybe repurpose the materials we generate on campus?” he noted, citing how Hegeman is expanding the reach of his office. “It was an experiment, and a very successful one, so we decided she’s going to stick around in the fall and our hope is to continue to maintain and hopefully grow the program.”

Andrea Trombetta

2005 ICE Project Grant recipient Andrea Trombetta and ICE Graduate Research Assistant Hanna Lisa Stefansson featured in UGA Graduate magazine.

By Cynthia Adams
Photos by Nancy Evelyn


Reading Room: SPARC

SPARC: Supporting Practice in the Arts, Research and Curricula

These insights will be of broad benefit for curious leaders, program designers, researchers, students, teachers, and practitioners. The interviews provide a range of perspectives that are useful for new cultural research, creating awareness of activities, and for deepening understanding about the opportunities and challenges facing higher education.

Source: SPARC Knowledge Engine

Reading Room: Sketch-RNN Demos

This experiment lets you draw together with a recurrent neural network model called Sketch-RNN. We taught this neural net to draw by training it on millions of doodles collected from the Quick, Draw! game. Once you start drawing an object, Sketch-RNN will come up with many possible ways to continue drawing this object based on where you left off.

Source: Experiments with Google

Reading Room: Somewhere Becoming Rain: Adaptive Change is the Future of the Arts

A report reflecting on EmcArts’ experience of designing and implementing national Innovation Labs for the Arts over the last 10 years, with an essay by Steven Tepper (2013 ICE Visiting Scholar).

If the matching grant model of building nonprofits dedicated to presenting excellent professional art was the dominant policy frame for the 20th century, what will be the policy frame for the 21st century? While the arts ecology will continue to be diverse, representing many different styles of expression, modes of engagement, and forms of organization, an emerging set of practices and ideas are driving artists, funders and organizations who are keen to connect the arts more deeply with public life.

Source: EmcArts

a2ru Awards Student Challenge Grants to “Emerging Creatives”

June 21, 2017
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a2ru Awards Student Challenge Grants to “Emerging Creatives”
By Amy Tackitt

“Alliance for Arts + Rights of Nature” was awarded $3,500 plus travel support and will explore the inherent rights of nature and address the questions: Does nature possess inherent rights? How can a legal framework grant a natural entity personhood? What role can art play in exploring this line of inquiry? The project will integrate policy and action through artistic methods. Team members include Berea Antaki, first year MS in Textiles and Merchandising at the University of Georgia; Carla Cao, first year, MS in Music Composition at the University of Georgia; Iva Dimitrova, fourth year BS in Mass Media Arts at the University of Georgia; Nima Hamidi, PhD candidate in Music Composition at the University of Iowa; and Suzie Henderson, fourth year BS in Ecology at the University of Georgia.

Teams will work over the course of the summer and will present on their projects at a gathering of research university administrators, faculty, staff, and students this fall at the 5th Annual National a2ru Conference: Arts in the Public Sphere: Civility, Advocacy, and Engagement November 1-4, 2017, hosted by Northeastern University, with co-host a2ru partners including Boston University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Tufts University.