a2ru National Conference

a2ru National Conference
November 1-3
University of Georgia


UGA will host the 2018 National Conference for the Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (a2ru) on the theme of “Arts Environments: Design, Resilience, and Sustainability.” The conference will be held in partnership with the UGA Arts Council and in conjunction with the November Spotlight on the Arts festival.

The 2018 theme, Arts Environments: Design, Resilience, and Sustainability, is an invitation to explore the relationship between creativity and diverse cultural locations, by framing discussions about design, resilience, and sustainability in context of interdisciplinary artistic and environmental practice. The theme offers an opportunity to think broadly about the ecology of the arts and their environments, in terms of performance, design, and engineering. A land and sea grant institution inextricable from the town of Athens and the broader ecologies of Georgia and the Southeast, the University of Georgia will provide a rich context for thinking creatively about Arts Environments globally.

Call for a2ru Conference Volunteers

Students who are interested in volunteering during the conference should contact Mark Callahan, mark.callahan@uga.edu. All student volunteers who satisfy volunteer requirements will have free access to conference events.

ICE Conversation: Georgia Prison Beekeepers

ICE Conversation: Georgia Prison Beekeepers
Wednesday, September 12 at Noon
Lamar Dodd Building Room S160

How can individuals in prisons mimic honeybee behavior and work together for a common goal? Idea Lab Mini Grant recipient and MFA student Cristina Echezarreta will share progress from a collaboration of a students, faculty, and staff in Art and Entomology with the Georgia Prison Beekeeping program to explore prisoners’ relationship to nature through the arts.

Reading Room: What is Research?

What is research? Practices in the arts, research, and curricula

Because faculty and students have so many wide-ranging experiences, academic trajectories, and disciplinary backgrounds, they don’t necessarily have the same set of concepts in mind when it comes to talking about research, what it means, or how it’s done. For many, “research” is an abstract, culturally constructed concept. With many different definitions and experiences, it can be critical to build a shared foundation for understanding — especially when issues of “what counts” as knowledge, tenure and promotion, and research process are at stake.

Source: Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (a2ru)
Link: www.a2ru.org/projects/research-brief-what-is-research/

Welcome Fall 2018

Welcome to a new semester at UGA! If you are new to Ideas for Creative Exploration, please take a few moments to explore the site and learn about some of the current and past projects and events. You may also be interested in joining the ICE listserv, a weekly email announcement with local events and opportunities in the arts.

Please also welcome our new recipients of Graduate Assistantships in Interdisciplinary Arts Research: Alex McClay (Art), Kelly Catlin (Music), and Philip Brankin (Theatre and Film Studies). These three exceptional graduate students will develop creative research and collaborative work across disciplines with faculty, students, and community members.

2018 Student Challenge Grant Recipient Announced

June 11, 2018
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a2ru Awards Student Challenge Grants to “Emerging Creatives”
By Maryrose Flanigan

One interdisciplinary student team was awarded a Student Challenge Grant by the Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (a2ru) to pursue a project on developing a workshop on collaboration: “Makin’ Rain” was awarded $4,400 plus travel support and will develop a workshop method for honoring the process of creative thought across disciplines. The team includes Jennifer Ezell, a PhD in theatre from Texas Tech University; Jesus Gonzalez, an MFA in photography at University of Houston; Desen Ozkan, an engineering/engineering education PhD at Virginia Tech; and Jason Woodworth-Hou, a dramatic media MFA/PhD at University of Georgia.

Reading Room: Advancing One Water Through Arts and Culture

Advancing One Water Through Arts and Culture: A Blueprint for Action

Efforts to integrate arts and culture into the water sector have been sparse to date. But there are some exciting examples of how water and wastewater utilities, conservation organizations, and water reliant businesses—including US Water Alliance members—are making invisible water systems visible, engaging and educating the public in new ways, taking a creative approach to planning, and transforming communities through art. To accelerate these innovative and promising efforts, the US Water Alliance partnered with ArtPlace America to catalogue the best and brightest models and partnerships that are utilizing arts and culture to advance sustainable, integrated and equitable water management.

Source: US Water Alliance Advancing One Water Through Arts and Culture