Exhibition: Exploring Research as Craft

Exhibition: Exploring Research as Craft
Sunday, March 17 from 2 – 5 PM
ATHICA, 675 Pulaski St., Suite 1200


This pop-up exhibition is the culmination of the project Exploring Research as Craft: A Workshop Series to Promote Cross-Discipline Communication by Examining Processes of Creating to Approach Questions. Refreshments will be served.

How does the researcher’s hand guide materials in efforts to contribute new understandings about the world around us? How does the artist’s practice press into the intuition of scientific research to draw out non-linear truths and trajectories? How does material gain and define meaning through interdisciplinary efforts?

Exploring Research as Craft collaboratively engages seemingly disparate disciplines through craft, material meaning making, and critical response. Academic siloing and the prioritization of jargon over communication endorse strict and disciplined understandings of science, art, research, and craft. Here, we evince the porous and fluid natures of these concepts. We actively call upon shared language and meaningful encounters to establish links between spaces of differently situated knowledges.

As entanglement and productive friction are increasingly recognized as vital tools within collaboration, there is a growing need to develop practices of intentioned engagement. Here, we reveal the visual dialogue that is possible within and among diverse research practices. Individuals from manifold departments at the University of Georgia have brought together their craft to create new media-based languages for personal history-making, speculative organ generation, virtual reality, performance as embodied re-experiencing, and other visually poetic statements for the deconstruction of traditional disciplinary divides.

Exploring Research as Craft is supported by Ideas for Creative Exploration and ATHICA: Athens Institute for Contemporary Art.


Yana Bonday – Lamar Dodd School of Art
Sydney Daniel – Lamar Dodd School of Art
Jennifer Demoss – Integrative Conservation and Anthropology
Max Farrell – Warnell School of Ecology
Savannah Jenson – Franklin College Department of English
Kristen Lear – Integrative Conservation and Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources
Katharine Miele – Lamar Dodd School of Art
Megan Prescott – Franklin College Department of Microbiology
Micah Taylor – College of Environment and Design
Anna Rose Willoughby – Odum School of Ecology

Ad·verse Fest Features an Inclusive Lineup of Music, Drag, Art and More

February 27, 2019
Flagpole Magazine
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Ad·verse Fest Features an Inclusive Lineup of Music, Drag, Art and More
By Jessie Goodson
Photo credit: Savannah Cole

Ad·verse is designed to give artists who may be marginalized or othered a space and, in fact, an entire event dedicated to them. Featuring over 40 solo and duo acts, the lineup is full of musicians, visual artists, drag performers and more. Go Bar, the Caledonia Lounge and Flicker Theatre and Bar are the three participating venues, and all will have stages designed by artists with a variety of props, details and even projections. Performers will use the designs as inspiration, and some will work them into their show.

Carter describes the event as a festival designed by artists, for artists, and says their goal was to curate something that could hone in on that.

“It’s important to structure a festival around something that is less constricting in terms of identity—but still invested in identity—but structured around something else and, through its method, shows a new trend in performance,” Carter says.

Call for Proposals: 2019 a2ru National Conference

Call for Proposals: 2019 a2ru National Conference
Deadline: April 5


The Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (a2ru) invites proposals for the 2019 a2ru national conference, knowledges: artistic practice as method to take place at the University of Kansas, in Lawrence, Kansas, November 7-9, 2019. The 2019 theme is an invitation to explore modes of knowing, especially as arrived through the discovery of artistic practice. This theme is anchored in, but not limited to, the following questions:

– How do artistic practices map onto other methods of knowledge production?

– If contemporary artists are trained from the outset to be critical of their medium(s), how might this critical reflection inform more discrete disciplines, which often treat academic form as neutral vessels for the delivery of content?

– What can researchers across the arts, sciences, and humanities learn from one another’s practices and approaches?

The University of Kansas, host of this year’s a2ru conference, aims to infuse the arts into its research culture by advancing interdisciplinary projects across the sciences and humanities. This is accomplished through existing structures, such as the Integrated Arts Research Initiative (IARI) funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation at the Spencer Museum of Art, The Commons, and the Research Excellence Initiative through the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The exhibition and dialogue among artists and scholars developed through the IARI colloquium (November 6, 2019) will launch the 2019 a2ru national conference.

a2ru invites proposals for presentations from researchers, artists, field leaders, and other practitioners about arts-integrative research, practice, and curricula that explore the potential of artistic and other practice-led methods for inquiry across disciplines. In an effort to unpack different ways of knowing, proposed sessions will follow a structure that mimics the process of knowledge generation. Proposal formats will include 1) inquiries, 2) lightning talks, and 3) presentations. a2ru encourages proposals that represent diverse backgrounds, pursuits, affiliations, locations, ages, and institutions. This active format invites participants into the collective co-creation of knowledge.

Call for Participation: Trash Music

Call for Participation: Trash Music

How can we make music from trash?

The “Trash Music” project was recently awarded a UGA Office of Sustainability Campus Sustainability Grant to explore the intersections of music, creativity, environmentalism, and sustainability. Musical instruments are often made from new materials and nonrenewable resources. The first phase of this project will consist of building prototype instruments from reused materials. We are seeking participation in the following areas: instrument designers / builders, website design, and collaborators interested in creating related initiatives and projects. If you are interested, please contact Ciyadh Wells:

Call for Performers: Trash Music

Trash Music is seeking performers who are interested in performing on newly created instruments. Interested performers should have some knowledge of musical notation and should be available to perform on either 4/1 or 4/6. If you are interested, please contact Ciyadh Wells: ciyadh.hillwells@uga.edu

Idea Lab Conversation: Adaptive Change in the Arts

Idea Lab Conversation: Adaptive Change in the Arts
Monday, February 25 at Noon
Lamar Dodd Building Room S160

Ideas for Creative Exploration Graduate Research Assistants lead a public conversation about the EmcArts report “Somewhere Becoming Rain: Adaptive Change is the Future of the Arts.” The report is available to read and download at: emcarts.org/case_studies/somewhere-becoming-rain.

XR Research Lab Hours

Refocus Reality

Explore the Oculus Rift VR system with Ideas for Creative Exploration. Possible areas of exploration could include but are not limited to audience interaction, data visualization and research productivity. Lab times are available by appointment for the following days:

Mondays 8-11 AM, 7-10 PM
Wednesdays 8-10 AM, 7-10 PM
Fridays 8-10 AM, 2-5 PM

Located in the Lamar Dodd building room S160. To schedule, please contact idealab@uga.edu