Idea Lab Mini Grants Call for Proposals

Idea Lab Mini Grants Call for Proposals
Deadline: Thursday, October 26

Idea Lab is a UGA student organization committed to providing an open, interdisciplinary platform for engagement in arts. UGA students from all disciplines are invited to apply for funding up to $500 to support new creative and collaborative projects. Special consideration will be given to projects with themes about, by, or for marginalized populations.

Grant proposals should be sent via email to:

Please include the following information:

– Title and brief description of proposed project (500 word maximum)
– List of project participants (include title or majors and role in project)
– Name of lead applicant (include major and year of study)
– Project outcomes
– Itemized budget

Selection Criteria:

– Creative merit
– Extent of collaborative and interdisciplinary activity
– Feasibility

Lead applicant must be a UGA student. Collaborative teams may include students, faculty, staff, and members of the community. Deadline for grant proposals is Thursday, October 26, 2017 at 5 PM.

The Idea Lab Mini Grant Program is supported by Ideas for Creative Exploration (ICE), an interdisciplinary initiative for advanced research in the arts at UGA. ICE is supported in part by the Willson Center for Humanities and Arts, Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, and the Graduate School.

Reading Room: How Can Ecological Artists Move Beyond Aesthetic Gestures?

How Can Ecological Artists Move Beyond Aesthetic Gestures?

If art is to be relevant to the environment, it cannot remain only in an art context or in dialogue with art history. The vast majority of writings about land art in the American West is focused entirely on its art-ness, whether through an aesthetic, art-historical, or human interest lens. Where is the geologic activity? Where are the Native Americans? Where are the watersheds? In order to be relevant to the issues plaguing our world today — such as the prevalence of plastics, or climate change — we need writing that contextualizes these artworks within a deep reading of the land itself.

By Ben Valentine
Source: Hyperallergic

ICE Conversation: Dance Exchange Summer Institute

ICE Conversation: Dance Exchange Summer Institute
Wednesday, September 6 at 12:15 PM
Lamar Dodd Room N120

ICE Graduate Research Assistant Carla Cao will discuss her recent participation in the Dance Exchange Summer Institute “Artmaking in Action: Evolving Creative Practices” and present movement-based activities that ignite inquiry and inspire change.

First artist-in-residence blends sustainability with education

By Kristen Morales

The position at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), which inspired Hegeman’s internship, paired artists with researchers. Here, Kirche said, they took a similar approach but paired Hegeman with staff as a way to do creative problem solving for the issues they deal with daily—specifically, removing and managing waste.”How do we, from an artist’s perspective, come up with creative ways to maybe repurpose the materials we generate on campus?” he noted, citing how Hegeman is expanding the reach of his office. “It was an experiment, and a very successful one, so we decided she’s going to stick around in the fall and our hope is to continue to maintain and hopefully grow the program.”

Andrea Trombetta

2005 ICE Project Grant recipient Andrea Trombetta and ICE Graduate Research Assistant Hanna Lisa Stefansson featured in UGA Graduate magazine.

By Cynthia Adams
Photos by Nancy Evelyn


Reading Room: SPARC

SPARC: Supporting Practice in the Arts, Research and Curricula

These insights will be of broad benefit for curious leaders, program designers, researchers, students, teachers, and practitioners. The interviews provide a range of perspectives that are useful for new cultural research, creating awareness of activities, and for deepening understanding about the opportunities and challenges facing higher education.

Source: SPARC Knowledge Engine