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Ad·verse Fest Features an Inclusive Lineup of Music, Drag, Art and More

February 27, 2019
Flagpole Magazine
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Ad·verse Fest Features an Inclusive Lineup of Music, Drag, Art and More
By Jessie Goodson
Photo credit: Savannah Cole

Ad·verse is designed to give artists who may be marginalized or othered a space and, in fact, an entire event dedicated to them. Featuring over 40 solo and duo acts, the lineup is full of musicians, visual artists, drag performers and more. Go Bar, the Caledonia Lounge and Flicker Theatre and Bar are the three participating venues, and all will have stages designed by artists with a variety of props, details and even projections. Performers will use the designs as inspiration, and some will work them into their show.

Carter describes the event as a festival designed by artists, for artists, and says their goal was to curate something that could hone in on that.

“It’s important to structure a festival around something that is less constricting in terms of identity—but still invested in identity—but structured around something else and, through its method, shows a new trend in performance,” Carter says.

Cristina Echezarreta: On Altruism, Art, and Science

Winter 2019
UGA Graduate
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Cristina Echezarreta: On Altruism, Art, and Science
By Cynthia Adams

Can prison inmates become creative collaborators? Idea Lab Mini Grant recipient and MFA student Cristina Echezarreta says, yes, they can.In the process of working with the Georgia Prison Beekeeping program, the graduate student has brought her twin interests, art and entomology, together.

Prior to the prison beekeeping project, Echezarreta later explains she wouldn’t have been so interested in doing a joint art project. Now, she has observed the value of social engagement, and seeks to be ever more inclusive and collaborative.

The Idea Lab Mini Grant Program is supported by Ideas for Creative Exploration, an interdisciplinary initiative for advanced research in the arts at UGA. Ideas for Creative Exploration is supported in part by the Willson Center for Humanities and Arts, Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, and the Graduate School.

Beekeeping Behind Bars

October 10, 2018
UGA Research
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Beekeeping Behind Bars
By Jordan Meaker

UGA Idea Lab Mini Grant recipient and Masters of Fine Arts student Cristina Echezarreta has been working in close conjunction with the Georgia Prison Beekeepers program and the UGA honeybee lab in order to explore the similarities of prison systems and bee systems.

Echezarreta had taken notice of the peculiar system of honeybee democracy. When honeybees want to leave their hive and scout out a new location, they share information with one another and come to a collective decision.

“It’s not just about the queen bee and she makes all the rules, it’s more so about the collective,” Echezarreta said.

Echezarreta took this idea and put it in practice within prisons.

“The way that relates in an artistic sense is how can we get individuals within prison systems to mimic that kind of behavior,” Echezarreta said. “How can inmates and just people work together to create one commonality, one project?”

Echezarreta takes photos at the prisons and helps gather supplies so inmates can create artwork together and paint hives, working together and helping each other, much like a colony of honeybees.

Through her work in Georgia prisons, Echezarreta said she enjoys the collaborative aspect of the project, which is a change from her solo projects.

“This is more of a different project, a more socially engaged project, a more collaborative project rather than me just being in my studio,” Echezarreta said.

Echezarreta said working with the Prison Beekeeping program has helped her learn to not stereotype and to see things from different perspectives.

Design + Mathematics: Math Outreach Design Lab

November 2, 2018
UGA Franklin College of Arts and Sciences
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Design + Mathematics: Math Outreach Design Lab
By Alan Flurry

An image from a model created in an active learning course co-taught by mathematics professor David Gay and associate professor of graphic design Moon Jung Jang appeared as the cover of the October 23 issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The model in the illustration was created by 3 math majors and one graphic design major, working collaboratively in the course “Math Outreach Design Lab.” The story of how the course came about provides a great example of the collegial atmosphere between art and STEM faculty on campus, especially as UGA hosts the Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities national conference for the first time.

Gay explained that the collaboration goes back two years to when he was invited to be the “mathematician in residence” by Ideas for Creative Exploration director Mark Callahan, who encouraged Gay and Jang to meet and talk at ICE.

a2ru Conference Special Projects

Ideas for Creative Exploration and the Willson Center for Humanities are pleased to announce the recipients of projects grants to support UGA student work featured in the a2ru 2018 National Conference.

Feed the Fish: Engaging the Campus Community in Reducing Plastic Waste in Campus Waterways
Sam Cherof and Lindy Erkes

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Press: Feed the Fish embodies a movement toward collaboration with sustainability and the art

Imagination Squared: Pathways to Resilience 
Christina Foard

For more about Imagination Squared visit

Press: Imagination Squared: A community conversation about resilience

Amazonian Arts: The Aesthetics of Traditional Ecological Knowledge
Louisiana Lightsey

Utilizing film as an art-as-research method, this short digital mosaic incorporates visual anthropology, multispecies representation, and sensory ethnography in order to train attention on the biotic and abiotic minutiae of dwelling in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Based on preliminary fieldwork, the camera travels alongside Kichwa, Achuar, and Waorani indigenous people as they garden, forage, tell stories, sing songs, and navigate forest paths and riverways. But instead of positioning the human as the central agent in human-nature relationality, the focus is on the colors, textures, movements, shapes, and sounds which animate a pluriverse of interconnected lifeworlds and configure an aesthetic of cultural and ecological resilience.

2018 Student Challenge Grant Recipient Announced

June 11, 2018
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a2ru Awards Student Challenge Grants to “Emerging Creatives”
By Maryrose Flanigan

One interdisciplinary student team was awarded a Student Challenge Grant by the Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (a2ru) to pursue a project on developing a workshop on collaboration: “Makin’ Rain” was awarded $4,400 plus travel support and will develop a workshop method for honoring the process of creative thought across disciplines. The team includes Jennifer Ezell, a PhD in theatre from Texas Tech University; Jesus Gonzalez, an MFA in photography at University of Houston; Desen Ozkan, an engineering/engineering education PhD at Virginia Tech; and Jason Woodworth-Hou, a dramatic media MFA/PhD at University of Georgia.