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Reading Room: SNAAP Research Symposium

2021 SNAAP Research Symposium Recordings

The SNAAP Research Symposium brings together researchers, administrators, faculty members, students, and policymakers to learn about recent research about the lives and careers of arts graduates using the rich SNAAP database.

The mission of the Strategic National Arts Alumni Project (SNAAP) is to maximize the success and impact of creatives in society by driving evidence-informed change in training and illuminating the value of arts and design education. For information visit:

Reading Room: Musically Cogitating

Reading Room: Musically Cogitating Career Exploration Series

Musically Cogitating is a show about the relevance and importance of living music and how it impacts our everyday lives. Ciyadh Wells (former Graduate Assistant in Interdisciplinary Arts Research at UGA) explores artist careers in consulting, teaching, performing, and administration.

Reading Room: Creative Placemaking Resource Hub

Creative Placemkaing Resource Hub

The Creative Placemaking Resource Hub is a living archive of creative placemaking scholarship and practice, designed for the students, teachers, artists, and community leaders who move the field forward. The core of the Hub are the resources gathered and created by ArtPlace America during its ten years of field-making activities (2010-2020). ArtPlace transferred its archive to a2ru with the intention that the Hub should continue to grow over time, incorporating additional resources from the creative placemaking field to reflect its continued evolution.

Reading Room: Funding Arts and Design

Funding Arts and Design: Advancing scholarship, education, and creative practice

Part One: Federal Funding

Three-part series hosted by the Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (a2ru) and the Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology (ICAT) at Virginia Tech.

Reading Room: Reckoning with a Reckoning

Reckoning with a Reckoning: How Cultural Institutions Can Advance Equity
By Kim Zeuli, Maria Rosario Jackson, and Seth Beattie
Nonprofit Quarterly

Arts and culture are not a monolith. There are countless arts organizations that directly invest in the social and economic priorities of the communities they serve — often doing so with fewer resources and against the tide of underinvestment. We write this article as a call for arts and cultural organizations to do more in the name of community justice, both by learning from the equity practices of others in the sector and by actively collaborating with (and financially compensating) these experts and catalysts.

Reading Room: Pro-tips for Boundary Setting

Artists, Writers, and Curators Share Pro-tips for Boundary Setting

Sometimes, it begins by making a small request: “does this need to be a Zoom?” Indeed, during this lockdown time when our work and home lives are so intertwined, it can feel exhausting keeping up with work-from-home demands. To help, we have convened the expertise of artists, writers, and curators whose work is focused on collective care and rest to elaborate on the importance of boundary setting.