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Reading Room: Creative Workforce Proposal

Reading Room: To Rebuild and Reimagine the United States Post-Pandemic, We Must Put Creative Workers to Work

By Americans for the Arts

To thrive post-pandemic, the United States must leverage our creative power, putting creative workers to work rebuilding, reimagining, unifying, and healing communities in every state and territory, as well as within tribal lands. Below, we propose 15 specific actions that the next Administration can take to activate the creative economy within a comprehensive national recovery strategy.

Reading Room: “Inside-out sustainability”

Reading Room: “Inside-out sustainability: the neglect of inner worlds”
By Christopher D. Ives, Rebecca Freeth, and Joern Fischer

“Sustainability science must take inner life more seriously by considering how language shapes and is shaped by paradigms about the world, prioritising enquiry into how spirituality, contemplation and sustainability transformation relate, and encouraging scholars and practitioners to intentionally cultivate their inner worlds to strengthen inner resources necessary for addressing sustainability challenges.”

Reading Room: Alchemy of the Reset

Reading Room: Alchemy of the Reset

Alchemy of the Reset is a conversation series hosted and created by Yerba Buena Center for the Art’s Chief of Program Meklit Hadero and YBCA Senior Fellows Brett Cook and Liz Lerman — three artists who have dedicated their creative practices to inspiring systems and structural change. Hadero, Cook, and Lerman engage in dialogue with other artistic and creative leaders whose body of work and stories of reset aim to inspire members of our community to take action.

Reading Room: Careers in the Arts

Reading Room:Careers in the Arts: Who Stays and Who Leaves?
SNAAP Special Report for Spring 2020

By Alexandre Frenette and Timothy J. Dowd

Our research reveals a new class of arts school graduates: “the generalists.” SNAAP survey data have long confirmed the intuition that double majors combining a major in the arts with one outside the arts are less likely to stay in the arts as a career, compared to respondents with only a single arts major. However, much less intuitively, compared to arts-based workers who are more prone to specialization, graduates who expand the number of artistic occupations in which they have worked (what we call “generalists”) are much more likely to stay in the arts.

Source: Strategic National Arts Alumni Project (SNAAP)

Reading Room: EmcArts Adaptive Arts Leadership Resources

EmcArts Adaptive Arts Leadership Resources

EmcArts’ new online services offer personal reinforcement for your role as a leader, and support for your team or organization to move forward in complexity and confusion.

Over the next two months, we’re offering a variety of free opportunities for individual and organizational support, specifically aimed at helping you move out of disorder and respond meaningfully and adaptively to your situation. Through providing weekly online articles, virtual “office hours,” weekly online sessions, and facilitated network-building, we hope to provide you with the tools you need.

EmcArts Inc. is a social enterprise for learning and innovation in the arts. We serve as a nonprofit intermediary for many arts funders, and as a service organization for the arts field around innovation. We exist to strengthen the capacities and effectiveness of nonprofit arts and cultural organizations, serving their needs in the design and management of innovative change, and assisting them in building their adaptive capacity.

Reading Room: Artist as Leader Conversations

Reading Room: Artist as Leader Conversations

Through a series of interviews, the Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts invites artists with diverse careers and experiences to reflect on how the creative process has helped them develop attributes of leadership such as vision, empathy, authenticity, persistence, patience, as well as the ability to listen deeply and to empower others.