Reading Room: “Guidance for Rewarding and Recognizing Community Engaged Scholarship in the Arts”

Reading Room: “Guidance for Rewarding and Recognizing Community Engaged Scholarship in the Arts”

Big Ten Arts Administrators Report

Our goal is to share this document widely to assist humanities, arts, and design faculty members and administrators—deans, department chairs, faculty councils—at many institutions around the country. It will give courage to those wishing to create a culture within an institution (especially at the department and college level) that values a wider range of scholarship than many current promotion and tenure guidelines allow. It offers tangible recommendations that a department, school, or college can implement for organizational change that might not be possible at the institutional level, which is even more complex.

Idea Lab Conversation: Madeline Bates

Idea Lab Conversation: Arts + Community with Madeline Bates
Wednesday, October 14 at 2 PM

How can organizations, businesses, and artists work together to support vibrant communities? Join Madeline Bates, Creature Comforts Brewing Company Community Specialist and Program Lead of “Get Artistic,” an initiative to help creative communities thrive. Free and open to the public via Zoom.


Idea Lab Conversation: Arts + Sustainability

Idea Lab Conversation: Arts + Sustainability
Friday, October 9 at 3 PM

How do creative communities develop more sustainable approaches to materials? Join Abigail West, artist, activist, and recent Creature Comforts artist-in-residence for an informal conversation about reclamation and creative reuse in businesses, makerspaces, and artist studios. Free and open to the public via Zoom.


Reading Room: Creative Workforce Proposal

Reading Room: To Rebuild and Reimagine the United States Post-Pandemic, We Must Put Creative Workers to Work

By Americans for the Arts

To thrive post-pandemic, the United States must leverage our creative power, putting creative workers to work rebuilding, reimagining, unifying, and healing communities in every state and territory, as well as within tribal lands. Below, we propose 15 specific actions that the next Administration can take to activate the creative economy within a comprehensive national recovery strategy.

Reading Room: “Inside-out sustainability”

Reading Room: “Inside-out sustainability: the neglect of inner worlds”
By Christopher D. Ives, Rebecca Freeth, and Joern Fischer

“Sustainability science must take inner life more seriously by considering how language shapes and is shaped by paradigms about the world, prioritising enquiry into how spirituality, contemplation and sustainability transformation relate, and encouraging scholars and practitioners to intentionally cultivate their inner worlds to strengthen inner resources necessary for addressing sustainability challenges.”

Idea Lab Conversation: Kyle Morrison

Idea Lab Conversation: Kyle Morrison
Wednesday, September 23 at 2 PM

How are creative practitioners and organizations managing current conditions? Join Kyle Morrison, VR developer and simulation engineer at Collins Aerospace for an informal conversation. Kyle was a Graduate Assistant in Interdisciplinary Arts Research at UGA and a master’s student in Theatre and Film Studies before joining Collins Aerospace. Free and open to the public via Zoom registration. 


Games and Virtual Environments Lab

Virtual Experience Laboratory

Facebook Live Maps

Microsoft Future Vision

Facebook AR Glasses Research

AR in the Workplace

VR in Healthcare Training 57:26 to 1:01:54

VR Therapy

What people are afraid of (warning a small bit of blood is in this one)

Collins Aerospace HUD VR Trainer (Kyle’s project)

Kyle Morrison UGA thesis project