Sustainability Summit


The first ever Sustainability Summit at UGA, a day-long event that combines the Center for Integrative Conservation Research (CICR) Sustainability Science Symposium with the Office of Sustainability’s Semester in Review.

9 – 11 AM
Faculty and Graduate Student Workshops

Arts and Sustainability
Mentoring Interdisciplinary Graduate Students

11 AM – 1 PM
Office of Sustainability Semester in Review

Semester in Review will provide an opportunity for engagement, collaboration, and a shared celebration of all the projects and initiatives that have taken place this semester to further sustainability. The celebration will include welcoming remarks, a half-hour presentation by Office of Sustainability Interns, an announcement of winners of the 2016 Sustainability Grant winners, poster presentations and table displays, and a light lunch.

1 – 4 PM
Sustainability Science Symposium: Meeting Georgia’s Sustainability Challenges

Featuring presentations on urban stream restoration, bioenergy, water policy, sea level rise, art and environment, and sustainable agriculture by Kyle McKay, Laurie Fowler, Mark Callahan, Jill Gambill, Nik Heynen, Liz Kramer, Puneet Dwivedi and Dennis Hancock.

4 – 6 PM
Poster Session and Closing Reception

Arts and Sustainability Workshop
Tuesday, December 6 from 9-11 AM
Jackson Street Building

Open to graduate students and faculty
Registration: Full


The goal of this workshop is to explore ways that sustainability issues are described, framed, and analogized across multiple fields and perspectives. How do specific disciplines name these issues? How is sustainability represented in popular culture? What discourses seem most important? The workshop will be designed to foster interdisciplinary conversation and to refine communication strategies.

Reading Room: Why Mary Halvorson Sounds Like No Other Guitarist

“‘…it’s not uncommon now for me to play in bands where women outnumber men. I think there’s a real momentum, and things are starting to shift.’ But it’s still not all that common to see a young woman leading a jazz band. Halvorson says her philosophy as a leader is to give musicians the freedom to make their own choice, in much the same way that she found her own voice on the guitar. ‘For me it’s more a matter of just trusting my instincts, even if you have a really simple idea — just, OK, I like this, I’m gonna play – and not worrying too much about what it is, what it sounds like, or doesn’t sound like,’ she says. ‘So I try as much as I can to play what I like, and trust what I like.'”

By Joel Rose

Mary Halvorson participated in the AUX 4 Experimental Arts Festival and is featured with Jessica Pavone on AUX Vol. 2.

Reading Room: Beyond Liveness: The Dramaturgies of Augmented Reality in Live Theatre

“Altering the visual ‘reality’ of theatrical settings by forcing them to accommodate simulated imagery, AR complicates ontological distinctions between real and virtual environments, presenting both with equanimity.”

By Anchuli Felicia King

Reading Room: Arts + Environment Spotlight Zine


A limited-edition zine and program guide for Arts + Environment events during UGA Spotlight on the Arts. Featuring photographs, drawings, collage, and digital art of Rinne Allen, Megan Burchett, Matthew Flores, Annette Griffin, ZacHary Harris, Lindsay Pennington, Lindsey Reynolds, Seth Stephens, and a fold-out poster by Justine Stevens.

Free to anyone and available at Arts + Environment Spotlight events sponsored by ICE and Watershed UGA!

Daylighting the Watersheds Poster Exhibition


Daylighting the Watersheds Design Competition
Poster Exhibition
Jackson Street Building
November 2 – December 6

An exhibition of posters featuring design concepts for projects that raise awareness about streams that flow through the UGA campus. Two projects will be selected by an interdisciplinary jury to receive $1,000 cash prizes. The competition was open to all UGA students.

Daylighting the Watersheds Design Competition winners will be announced at the Arts + Environment Roundtable event on Thursday, November 10 at 4 PM in Miller Learning Center Room 350.

Sponsored by Watershed UGA with generous support by a grant from the Ray C. Anderson Foundation.

Driftmier Woods Happening


Driftmier Woods Happening
Friday, November 11 at 11 AM
Driftmier Woods

A site-specific performance featuring sound and movement in Driftmier Woods, a small area of old-growth forest on campus adjacent to Driftmier Engineering Center.