ICE Project Grants Invitation

ICE Project Grants
Invitation for Letter of Inquiry

Ideas for Creative Exploration (ICE) is an interdisciplinary initiative for advanced research in the arts at the University of Georgia. ICE invites Letters of Inquiry from UGA faculty and students for innovative, interdisciplinary, and collaborative projects with potential for future development. Selected inquiries will be invited to submit a full proposal and then be considered for an ICE Project Grant.

Projects should be consistent with the ICE mission:

ICE is a catalyst for innovative, interdisciplinary creative projects, advanced research and critical discourse in the arts, and for creative applications of technologies, concepts, and practices found across disciplines. It is a collaborative network of faculty, students, and community members from all disciplines of the visual and performing arts in addition to other disciplines in the humanities and sciences. ICE enables all stages of creative activity, from concept and team formation through production, documentation, and dissemination of research.

Letter of Inquiry should be no more 500 words and sent via email to:

Please include the following information:

• Title and brief description of proposed project.

• List of proposed participants (include titles and affiliations).

• Impact of project and potential for future development.

First Annual Local Arts & Culture Business Summit


First Annual Local Arts & Culture Business Summit
Thursday, April 17 at 11:30 AM
Tate Student Center Reception Hall

A public forum for local arts and culture business owners to share experiences, best practices, and advocate for the best ways to support local arts entrepreneurs in the future. A brown bag event free and open to the public.

Featured Participants:

Rebecca Wood

Since its founding in 1991, R. Wood Studios has grown into one of the largest pottery studios in America, where each piece is still entirely made and painted by hand.

Michael Lachowski

Candy is the creative services agency of Michael Lachowski, delivering ideas, design, photography, and integrated marketing. Michael publishes the quarterly magazine Young, Foxy & Free in Atlanta, Athens, Savannah and online, and is the public relations coordinator at the Georgia Museum of Art.

Kristen Bach

Treehouse Kid & Craft is a kids shop and DIY center, offering a range of well-designed and responsibly made products for babies, kids, families, and crafters of all ages.

Amanda Burk and Katherine McGuire

Double Dutch Press is a fine art printmaking studio that offers workshops, one-on-one instruction, press rental, screen services, custom design and print services, and its own line of printed goods.

Deborah Gonzalez

Deborah Gonzalez is an attorney whose legal practice focuses on art, music, entertainment, digital, and social and online law. Her clients include museums, galleries, artists and art professionals, animators, filmmakers, musicians and music professionals, authors, and various other creative professionals.

Sanni Baumgärtner

In 2010 Sanni Baumgärtner opened Community, a boutique centered around the concept of sustainability without the sacrifice of style.

Janet Geddis and Rachel Watkins

Avid Bookshop is an independent neighborhood bookshop that regularly holds events such as readings, signings, and workshops with authors. Avid offers personalized shopping services, wish lists, book club consultations, and more.

Rinne Allen

Rinne Allen is a photographer who was raised in Athens and still enjoys getting to know the place where she grew up.

Jeremy Elrod and Todd Sapp

The Local Notion team has set out on a venture to support and promote Athens’ local community and the local businesses that make it unique.

Kim Kirby

Young Athenians is a local design studio located that specializes in Squarespace. Its mission is to create fun, vibrant and informative websites that clients can run themselves.

Natasha Murphy

Nicely Built is a small web design and development shop, focusing primarily on customer experience, tailor made business solutions, and above all else, creativity and innovation.

Sponsored by Ideas for Creative Exploration (ICE) and the Willson Center for Humanities and Arts as part of UGA Thinc. Week.

Kai Riedl: Amazing Student

June 8, 2014
UGA Amazing Students Web feature


Ph.D. student Kai Riedl has blurred the line between his academic work and creative endeavors to create an annual festival in Athens and wants to continue that work with collaborative music projects around the globe.

Expected graduation: Spring 2016 or 2017

Degree objective: Ph.D. in ethnomusicology

University highlights, achievements and awards:
-Awarded a graduate assistantship with Ideas for Creative Exploration, known as ICE, at UGA.

-Received the Janelle Padgett Knight Graduate Research Award from the Willson Center for Humanities and Arts.

-2014 TedxUGA presenter.

-Recipient of grant from President’s Venture Fund to create a UGA/educational component of the SLINGSHOT festival.

-Recipient of a project grant from ICE for the project “Our New Silence,” a collaborative project connecting musicians in Java, Indonesia, with those in Athens and at UGA.

-Created and taught several classes at UGA including “Music in Religious Culture” and “Music in Athens.”

-Worked with multiple departments across campus to create SLINGSHOT, a yearly event that connects UGA with local, national and international creative people and technologists. The departments include the Lamar Dodd School of Art, the College of Engineering, the Willson Center, ICE, Theatre and Film Studies, and the Georgia Museum of Art. Every year in March, SLINGSHOT is spread over four city blocks and dozens of venues and it spotlights international, national and local acts on stage, boundary-pushing artworks throughout the urban environment, and tech talks with leading innovators.

-Directed several musical performances at Hugh Hodgson Concert Hall bringing town and university musicians together to reinterpret the music of Java.

Hometown: Atlanta

High School: St. Pius/Crestwood

Current Employment: I’m the instructor for the new course called “Music in Athens,” and I am the director of SLINGSHOT – a music, electronic art and technology festival in Athens. I also make a dollar or two every now and then with my band Electrophoria.

I chose to attend UGA because… of the balance between the university and the rich musical environment in town.

My favorite things to do on campus are… Still, after all these years, walking on North Campus is hard to beat. The trees are fantastic, the squirrels, friendly. The small expressions of wildlife on campus always make my day. I recently saw a hawk swoop down and have a squirrel lunch, just feet from where I was walking.

When I have free time, I like… to create abstract pop songs with loops of Indonesian music that I’ve recorded over the years in Java. I’m usually collaborating on one of a few music projects during the year.

My favorite place to study is… I’m super sound sensitive, so I have to find quiet spaces where it is just the books and me. Windows also, unfortunately, just end up being a distraction–the world is just too interesting. The small graduate student study rooms throughout the main library fit the requirements of quiet and stillness that my brain needs, and they enable me to strike a nice balance between reading and meditation.

My favorite professor is… Glenn Wallis, who taught Buddhism in the religion department in the mid-2000s. His insights, direct teaching methods and wonderful balance of compassion and critical thinking were unmatched on campus for years.

If I could share an afternoon with anyone, I would love to share it with… There is a long list of people from different walks of life that having an afternoon with would be wonderful – musicians, naturalists, philosophers, great leaders, etc. Though I wouldn’t mind spending the afternoon with the Buddha. There is so much religiosity, cosmology, scholarship and rhetoric about the man that it would be fun to hang out and tell some really silly jokes with him. I’m sure he has a good sense of humor. Yes, laughing with the Buddha, that would be a fun afternoon.

If I knew I could not fail, I would… Let’s be honest, this is a pretty fantastical question. Without failure we would be adrift at almost any task. But, since “I could not fail,” I would swim with orcas for a month and take in marine life.

After graduation, I plan to… Still a ways off, but I want to work within an interdisciplinary dimension of a university or with a creative company doing what I consider to be great things. I also want to continue collaborative music projects around the globe.

The one UGA experience I will always remember will be… The previously mentioned Glenn Wallis walked into the first day of a class titled “The Buddhist Tradition” and he didn’t say a word for 30 minutes. I thought to myself, finally, somebody who knows what they’re talking about. I used the same method for years when I would go on to teach that same class, but nobody held silence like Glenn.

ICE-Vision: Play It Again, Sam


ICE-Vision: Play It Again, Sam (Allen, 1972)
Tuesday, April 22 at 6 PM
Lamar Dodd School of Art Room S150

ICE-Vision continues with Film Studies and English major Dafna Kaufman’s selections of great films that may be forgotten by the general public, but can be remembered and cherished through viewings today.

The film is about a recently-divorced writer of film commentary, Allan Felix, being urged to begin dating again by his best friend and his best friend’s wife. Allan identifies with the movie Casablanca and the character Rick Blaine as played by Humphrey Bogart. The film is liberally sprinkled with clips from the movie and ghost-like appearances of Bogart (Jerry Lacy) giving advice on how to treat women.

ICE Conversation: Church of Play


ICE Conversation Series: Church of Play
Friday, April 18 at 4 PM
Fine Arts Building (Department of Theatre and Film Studies), Room 115

How can the idea of play, taken from video and role playing games, as well as concepts of ritual performance engage us in constructing, questioning, and exploring our understanding of the world? Local artist and video game designer Zack Wood will speak on the Church of Play, a concept created by Adam Rafinski at Georgia Tech. His talk will be followed by a workshop using the tools of Church of Play.

Please note that this ICE Conversation will take place in Room 115 of the Fine Arts Building (Department of Theatre and Film Studies) rather than in the Lamar Dodd School of Art.

Idea Lab is a UGA student organization committed to providing an open, interdisciplinary platform for engagement in arts. For more information visit

ICE-Vision: The War Room


ICE-Vision: The War Room (Pennebaker, 1993)
Tuesday, April 8 at 6 PM
Lamar Dodd School of Art Room S150

ICE-Vision continues with Film Studies and English major Dafna Kaufman’s selections of great films that may be forgotten by the general public, but can be remembered and cherished through viewings today.

The 1993 documentary, The War Room, combines politics and comedy in an examination of Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign for presidency. The film focuses on his head advisors James Carville and George Stephanopoulos. Their completely different approaches to politics and quirky personalities enhance the film’s already interesting premise. Directed by one of the most influential documentarians, D.A Pennebaker (Don’t Look Back, Primary, Monterey Pop), The War Room shows us the inside of a real political campaign, along with the hijinks and silliness that naturally comes along with such an event. ​

ICE Conversation: Pedagogy, Fandom, and the “Classics”


ICE Conversation: Pedagogy, Fandom, and the “Classics”
Friday, April 4 at 4 PM
ICE Office, Lamar Dodd School of Art, Room S160

Can literary fandom provide students a new way to access the “classics” of the literary canon? How can fandom concepts be effectively utilized in the classroom? Emmy Award-winning transmedia editor for The Lizzie Bennet Diaries Alexandra Edwards will speak about her work on the series and its ties to her use of fandom in an academic setting.

Alexandra Edwards helped pioneer a new kind of long-form narrative storytelling for the web. The transmedia components of this multi-platform, modernized adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice created an immersive adaptational experience, with classic literary characters talking to each other and the audience on social media for a full year. Edwards will speak about her work on the series (and her work as transmedia producer on its two Austen-based sequels, Welcome to Sanditon and Emma Approved), and its ties to her use of fandom in the classroom as a teaching assistant in UGA’s First-year Composition program.

Idea Lab is a UGA student organization committed to providing an open, interdisciplinary platform for engagement in arts. For more information visit